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Shahnaz Husain Mini Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

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Quick Product Info:

  • Includes: Papaya Cleanser, Papaya Scrub, Papaya Massage Cream, Papaya Face Pack
  • Suitable for: All skin types
  • Recommendation: Ideal for those seeking a mini-sized facial kit that harnesses the benefits of papaya fruit extracts for a rejuvenating and refreshing skincare experience.
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Rejuvenate your skin with the nourishing power of papaya fruit extracts. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Shahnaz Husain Mini Papaya Fruit Facial Kit, a mini-sized treasure trove of natural goodness that will leave your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and glowing with youthful radiance.

 Suitable for all skin types, the Shahnaz Husain Mini Papaya Fruit Facial Kit offers a refreshing and revitalizing experience that helps rejuvenate your skin. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, this facial kit is designed to cater to your specific needs, leaving you with a healthier, more vibrant complexion. 

Indulge in the revitalizing and nourishing benefits of the Shahnaz Husain Mini Papaya Fruit Facial Kit. This mini-sized facial kit is meticulously crafted to offer you a comprehensive and convenient skincare routine, harnessing the power of papaya fruit extracts to rejuvenate and refresh your skin.

Directions for Use:

  1. Papaya Cleanser:

    • Take a small amount of the Papaya Cleanser and apply it to damp skin.
    • Gently massage in upward circular motions, avoiding the eye area.
    • Rinse off thoroughly with water and pat dry.
  2. Papaya Scrub:

    • Apply a sufficient amount of the Papaya Scrub to your cleansed face and neck.
    • Massage gently using circular motions for a few minutes, focusing on areas with rough skin or blackheads.
    • Rinse off with water and pat dry.
  3. Papaya Massage Cream:

    • Take a small quantity of the Papaya Massage Cream and apply it evenly to your face and neck.
    • Gently massage in upward strokes for 10-15 minutes.
    • Wipe off any excess cream with a damp cotton pad or rinse with water.
  4. Papaya Face Pack:

    • Apply a thin, even layer of the Papaya Face Pack to your cleansed face and neck, avoiding the eye area.
    • Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes or until it dries.
    • Rinse off with water and pat dry.

Note: Perform a patch test before using the products to check for any allergies or sensitivity. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Store the facial kit in a cool, dry place and keep it out of reach of children.

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