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200g Shahnaz Professional Power Precious Henna Herb Mix

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Quantity: 200g

Recommendation: Ideal for coloring and conditioning the hair with the power of precious henna herb mix

Benefits: Provides natural hair color, conditions, and promotes healthy-looking hair

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Shahnaz Husain Forever Professional Power Henna Herb Mix 200 Grams/7 oz


Experience the transformative power of Shahnaz Professional Power Precious Henna Herb Mix. This 200g pack of henna herb mix is specially formulated to provide natural hair color and exceptional conditioning to your hair.

Shahnaz Professional Power Precious Henna Herb Mix contains a blend of precious henna herbs, renowned for their hair coloring and conditioning properties. It offers a natural alternative for those who desire beautiful, vibrant hair with the added benefits of conditioning and nourishment.

  1. Method of Use:

    • Mix approximately 2 cups of the henna herb mix with 2 raw eggs.
    • Add 4 teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee to the mixture.
    • Include half a cup of yogurt to the mixture, creating a paste with toothpaste consistency.
    • For color enhancement, omit the yogurt.
    • If your hair is dry, add 2 teaspoons of Shahnaz Forever Hair Oil to the paste.
  2. Application:

    • Apply the henna paste over your scalp and hair, ensuring complete coverage.
    • Leave the paste on for about one hour to allow the henna to work its magic.
    • For color development, you can extend the duration as desired.
  3. Rinse Off:

    • After the desired time has passed, wash off the henna paste thoroughly.
    • Use water to rinse until the water runs clear.
    • Follow with a mild shampoo and conditioner to complete the hair care routine.

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